Most of the men under 40 are suffering from a premature ejaculation problem. If you’re ready to work to delay it, we are going to show you the easiest exercises and methods to stay longer in bed.

Method one: deep breathing
It’s similar to meditation, which help you to feel your arousal and control the process of ejaculation. You can find here some really popular pills, that are available online.

The second method: stop and star technique
This method is easy to make; you have to make your frictions short. Just stop when you feel the orgasm is close and continue when you start to control your ejaculation.

What are the main reasons of premature ejaculation in men?
It is a physiological problem, first of all. It can be stress or depression results. You need to change your life to become a healthy men and forget about premature ejaculation. The sensitive penis is a most common cause. You can have a low level of prolactin, that’s why you have a premature ejaculation