Testosterone In Women

We are talking today about testosterone. A study by the Journal of sexual medicine report physicians wrote two million prescriptions in the year 2006 and 2007. 21% of those were specifically testosterone products for women. It is a key player for women as they age but achieving a perfect balance of estrogen with testosterone can be tricky.

So testosterone this is the hormone that we obviously associate with men but why it is so important for women as well? Well, actually our ovaries and adrenal glands produce testosterone because we need it. We need it in balance with estrogen. As it turns out, and we know this from studies women who don’t have enough, the testosterone contributes to your libido, the sense of well-being, just how you feel, sense of feeling well and muscle strength, power. So it has a lot to do with generally how we feel, lack of our libido and
just a sense of our well-being.


So estrogen and testosterone in balance regulate our bodies in essence. What do they? So estrogen is important because we think about it as a female hormone. But estrogen alone is not enough. So wee need both the estrogen and the small amount of testosterone and together they two seems to be what works in terms of how we feel as young women. And I say that because once women get older and lose some of that testosterone, they can feel the difference. They can have a sense of just being out of balance.

Well, besides getting older, what are some of the causes of low in women? First, is age. By the time, we hit menopause, believe it or not,
women lose half of the amount of testosterone they had as a younger woman. So that’s first. And then natural menopause because suddenly out ovaries which produce 50% of the testosterone suddenly shut down. So you are going to natural menopause.


Surgical menopause. That is the most difficult. That’s when woman at a young age even, maybe for endometriosis have both ovaries removed; they have a really tough time because when they lose their testosterone, often the doctors will say “take estrogen, that takes care of it”. It doesn’t. Again studies have shown that you need that a little bit of testosterone.

Anf then finally it can happen from birth control pills. A lot of women don’t realize that. The oral birth control pills and then oral hormone replacement. Those two things, hormones actually find the testosterone in the blood and lower the amount of free testosterone.

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